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Biography (2007)
The human voice, that’s how it all started for five brothers who shared a passion for music. Singing together at an early age, they began the makings of this one of a kind vocal group, forging a relationship beyond brotherhood and taking harmony to perfection. Today, they are known as The Standards. The Standards have taken vocal music to a new dimension by creating their own unique style of music with an infectious harmony that speaks to all generations and cultures of music lovers. Hailed as one of the most sought after harmony vocal groups of today, The Standards have enjoyed success worldwide for their unique approach to vocal entertainment. Their shows offer more than just a typical music concert. It’s a “dynamic music experience,” featuring non-stop energetic vocal performances packed with choreography, comedy, and audience interaction. The quintet made up of Morgan, Nathan, Jordon, Nicholas, and Quinn Williams are leading the way to help make vocal music a favorite among fans. Sharing the stage with the likes of Country sensation Lonestar to the legendary Manhattan Transfer, and the Oak Ridge Boys, they continue to bridge the gap found in common music genres. The vocal group known for a cappella performances without any instruments of any kind continue to forge new ground by adding theater type performances such as the Mamba, which features the five, dressed in a tribal setting for a truly amazing black light show. In addition, you may find them standing around a piano for an original song or two creating a multi-level vocal showcase. In addition to performing in countries like China, The Standards are breaking new ground performing at private social and corporate events across the country. They are enjoying the creative process of helping corporations extend their message through dynamic entertainment. With a demanding schedule, they still find time to offer advice to the youth across America by performing at schools for educational fundraisers and “Music with a Message” programs that speaks about drug awareness. “The youth are very important to us. We have always had a special connection with them which we will always cherish,” says Nic Williams of The Standards. A key element to what makes them appealing to many different age groups is that they primarily sing songs that are known as “Standards.” You know and have heard them. Mix that with a new generation sound and unique style, you have an electrifying combination. “I think our style is complementary to any age group; a totally hip sound lending itself to imagination without focusing on a certain music style seems to breakdown the age and culture barrier. It’s a lot of fun and we focus on the fun,” says Morgan Williams. True that it is rare to find such a talent like this among five brothers. A brotherhood that is sure to inspire, motivate and entertain anyone. The Standards – Music for everyone

Group History ( 1993-2007)

In 1993, The Standards began. Much to the surprise of their associates, they went from performing at retirement centers and weddings, to selling out shows across the country, appearing on syndicated television, selling over 30 thousand CD’s, winning national awards, and opening for some of America’s hottest acts, all without being signed to a record label. Today, The Standards’ stage presence and experience has earned them a place among the most talented professionals in the industry. Tracing their roots back to the days when 2nd brother Morgan Williams went about convincing his brothers to form a group, The Standards took flight when they teamed up with promoter, John Raymond from Butte, Montana, a man with little more than a passion for their music and an ambition to see their dreams realized. Soon, he had them singing in front of big-name acts such as Lonestar, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Baha Men, Vanessa Carelton, All-4-One, America, Manhatten Transfer, Emmerson Drive, and other well-known names in the music industry. It wasn’t long before The Standards made connections and were invited to Platinum Parties, having contracts put before them, and teaming up with producers and song-writers. But The Standards were resistant to move forward without having their music in place first. It was important to them to have a commercial flare to their sound without it being created for them. So after working with Grammy Award-Winning songwriter Gary Baker and others in the industry, they decided to create their own sound, one that would identify them and set them apart from any other group in the industry. That sound is now realized in their newest album “Brand New Past”, a collection of sharply inventive songs that feature the tight harmony of their past and boast a brand new commercial flare rarely found among young groups today. With the combination of them being brothers and having an unbreakable will to succeed, you would be safe to say as Lonestar’s Richie McDonald says, “These guys are going places!”
Expect to hear about The Standards, aiming to turn heads in the music industry soon.


When The Standards get signed to a major recording contract they are planning on using the alternate name "Spencer's Own". This is for several reasons. Number one, it identifies them as brothers being that their father's name is Spencer and they are his own. Secondly, "The Standards" denotes a type of music that applies to a generation outside of the marketing area. In order to capture the attention of their target audience, The Standards wish to have a name that will not denote an older listening audience. Why don't the same rules apply now? Because generally The Standards are seen before they are heard and can win over an audience. In the commercial field, it is the opposite way around and a name that sounds dated can have a negative effect. The Standards are dedicated to their dream of getting a record deal and if that means making some changes, so be it. They wont let anything stand in their way

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